Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent calendars

With a huge relief I was able  to put up the advent calendar yesterday night: i.e. right in time !!! I have worked on it since two good weeks....
The idea of this year is to deepen our knowledge (of my children but of mine too) about the USA. And there is a loooot of things to discover about this big country.
So each day, Arwenn and Kaelig will have to open two envelops: each one containing a little card with the flag and some informations about one state (50 states in 25 days: a happy coincidence, isn't it ?!). Then we can carry on our investigations more via Wikipedia. And at last they can savour a Papillote (, French chocolate candies and crystallized fruits very appreciated during Christmas Time.

Our American Advent Calendar

For today, the 1st day of December:

... the states of Delaware and Arkansas ...

...les Papillotes...

If you were very careful to the title, you have certainly notice the plural form of 'calendar'! Indeed, we have exactly three Advent calendars at home for accompanying us until Christmas Day:
- the previous one
- a second one realized mainly by my children (inspired by Pinterest): 

- and a third calendar, a very pretty one generously offered by my dear Lily (Thank you, Lily, I do love it !)

I can affirm without hesitation that we CAN'T forget to celebrate Christmas !

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