Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween: D - 18

In France, a majority of people does not feel concerned with the celebration of Halloween: officially it does not belong to our French culture. But because it is linked to the Celtic culture, because I have two children, and because I am irresistibly attracted by the magic world, I find it is a good occasion to have fun, to speak of Death, calm down fears and to have a special  thought to my beloved Grand-Father who left us during the Halloween Night.
So, 18 days before the Day of Halloween ! It is high time to act and prepare the Event!! We begin with the windows and more precisely Kaelig's window. He asks for a dragon ( we love dragons in the family!!). To please him I found inspiration in his 2013 Dragons' Calendar.
According to his wish I adapted the October's dragon...

...on a black sheet of paper (with some little changes) and cut it for getting the shadow of him. And then I glued it on the window.

Now, let's wait for the night version...

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