Friday, 6 September 2013

September Rooster

Don't see any link between this colourful bird and France, even if he symbolizes my country....
I always like to look at them, walking so proudly among his Court !

Rooster - Gallus gallus domesticus  - Coq

And how funny is it to read the different  written versions of his song according to the country where you live:
- in French: Cocorico !
- in Breton:  Kokokog et Kekele !
- in German:  Kikeriki !
- in English:  Cock-a-doodle-do !
- in SpanishQuiquiriquí !
- in  Irish: Mac na hóighe slán !
 - in Italian: Chicchirichi !
- in Japanese: Kokekoko !
- in Dutch:  Kukeleku !
- in Portuguese: Cocorococo!
- in Russian: Coucarékou !
- in Swedish: Kuckeliku!
- in Thaï:  Ake-e-ake-ake !
- in Arabic:  Kokouukuuu !
- in Icelandic:  Gaggalagaggalagó !
- in Greek: Coucouricou
- in Chinese:  Co Co Co !

The question is: do you really hear what you read above?
For what concerns France, yes! " Cocorico" is indeed what I hear when a rooster sings in the neighbourhood!  

You will find the original painting of this feathered specimen in my shop as soon as tomorrow! ( Let you guide by the Pangolin...)

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