Monday, 1 July 2013

June Reading & end-of-day sweetness

One Welch writer took me company all along this month of June: Ken Follett. With his book "La chute des Géants" (The Fall of Giants") I was transported into the period of the WW1. What I particularly appreciated with this historical novel is that , for the first time for me, the story presents the facts through the eyes of some Welch, Russian, German and American protagonists. Before I read other books about the same period but always from the French point of view. So it was very instructive as well as well written, indeed I read the thousand pages with the constant need to know what would happen later to the main characters. And the second part is already noted down on my book list for the holidays !

 The next work is an "audio book" (is it the right term?) I listened to it as I was painting these days. It is no more question of the WW1 period: this time the story ( first part of a series too) happened  in England in the Middle Ages. How hard was the life for women ( more considered as simple objects or damned creatures.... and of course my feminist sensibility was affected! but it was too in the first book !!!)....I was not as transcended with this novel as with the previous one but I will not affirm that I would not  listen later to the rest of the story.

Our dessert for the dinner: une tarte à la rhubarbe ( with rhubarb from our garden)! miam....

I wish You a good evening ....

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