Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well, again late....but we are in June only since 5 days....hum....
Like for the last month, I have wanted to represent and present in this case, an owl living in the South-East part of the world, and the totem of this month is named the "Oriental Bay Owl". I feel her a bit intimidating, mainly because of her look....
For those who won't recognize the monument placed behind her, I just precise that it is the Taj Mahal, the famous Indian palace!

Oriental Bay Owl - Phodilius Badius - Phodile Calong

The following rare creature is my beloved Cat, Mukki, who was sleeping peacefully (after a looong night outside) beside me during the hours needed for this painting.


  1. Aw!, choochie-choo Mukki! Sweet dreams! ^--^

    . . . and June was worth waiting for!

  2. Thanks Phil ! I confess that the wool blankets are in reality a stratagem to convince him to sleep near me!