Friday, 7 June 2013


When I began this blog, my will was to create things by myself and share the results with other persons. Since a while I was thinking that it could be a good idea to prepare a special header for my blog...And one day I realized that behind the title "With My Own Two Hands" (definitely influenced by Ben Harper's song) was hidden a second possible meaning. And indeed if I play with the Capital letters I obtain "With MOTH".

By chance I found this beautiful picture on Pinterest:

And now the simple painting of the header:

....then with the title, written in "Harrington" letter type...

It is the first time I play with pictures and writing on the computer !

...and finally look at its appearance after some colour modification ( another game I like too!)

It is always distabilizing but this one is a very good surprise, don't You find so?


  1. The last pic reminds me of silkpainting!

    1. hello lily, the reason may be the colours....

  2. Thank you for the beautiful bird-card! I really needed some colour today - how did you know?

    1. I did not know ! It was just a beautiful card or a beautiful person....The last card you sent me finds its place as a bookmark in my book !