Tuesday, 7 May 2013


This calendar is an excellent way to know other species of owls unknown to me until now. And for this month, I have fixed my choice on  the Spectacled Owl ("chouette à lunettes",Pulsatrix perspicillata) , visible in Central America . That's why you can notice "El Castillo" also called "the  Kukulkan Pyramid, settled in Mexico (Mexique), in the background.


  1. Welcome back Sabine, I hope you had a lovely holiday! You picked a great week; the weather here in Britain has been fantastic over the last week or so . . but, of course, it can't last!! . . I hope it was where you were too.

    Lovin' the Spectacled Owl for May . . with all this sunshine, perhaps he's wearing his cool Ray Bans :))

    Best wishes, Phil

    1. Hi Phil! Like you we had sunny weather, with a cold wind , but a sunny weather nevertheless ! We enjoyed moments with our family there, walks on the beaches... I only dared to wet my feet in the sea, it was a bit cold yet!

      Your "orange cat" seems to appreciate Spring and his abundance of perfumes... Animals instinctively know how enjoying the little treasures of life... when I look at your pictures, I easily guess that you share their secret: you seem to be in the right place at the right moment!

      Good evening to You