Thursday, 18 April 2013

Recap2: March production

I begin with the page of my calendar : a Great Horned Owl ( hibou Grand-Duc) near the Italian Leaning Tower of Pisa  (Tour de Pise)

Then, these 3 paintings which correspond with themes proposed on the site of  Illustration Friday :

....For "Yesterday": 

...for "eye glasses" :

...for "Swim":

and the funny result with its colours reversed ( in fact I discovered this version by accident ! and I must admit that I prefer it this way!):

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  1. Hi again Sabine! Wow!, a veritable cornucopia of posts! Delighted by your owl for March!

    And the negative version of "swim" looks like she's swimming with turtles at midnight . . beautiful . . quelle une belle idée! But I actually like it both ways :)