Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ephemeral meeting

Three days ago now, we discovered near our picture window a beautiful butterfly. She did not move at all, her wings spred on the soil. The first day we just observed her. No change. The second day , I tried to move her on  a little plate....and what a surprise as I saw that she was settled above her eggs...and that she was alive yet....but dying. So we let let her quiet again. It was her last hours 'cause yesterday she had died in the same place. My children took care of her, and even brought her flowers in order to keep her alive. They even named her "Nina"...

After some researches on the web, we know now that she was a night butterfly, and more precisely a  "Small Emperor Moth"(" petit Paon de nuit"):  for more informations, have a look HERE in English, or THERE in French.

Small Emperor Moth - Petit paon de nuit- Saturnia pavonia

I'll try to put her eggs in  a place where we "ll be able to observe the evolution of her descendants....with the hope they won't devastate our garden !


  1. Love the literal English translation of her French name . . "Little Peacock of the Night" . . so beautifully descriptive!

    1. The choice of the name " paon" is certainly due to the "eyes" on her wings in common with the official peacock....perhaps....

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