Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent Calendar

Here we are: the first day of the great December ! During the whole week I have worked on this calendar to offer him to my children today and...I finished it at 2.30 am ! Just in time! I have only slept 5 hours but I am satisfied with the smile appearing on their faces at breakfast!

This year we have chosen to explore the Scandinavian world. So, on the little sheets of papers you can see on the calendar, I have written a Swedish word, with the English translation to help them guess the meaning of the word. And besides, all along the month we willl look for informations about Sweden , Norway, Danemark, Finland and Iceland in order to know more about those countries and their way of living, cooking, celebrating Christmas, their tales, etc.

And now the Advent Calendar:

Today, we decorated the Christmas Tree ("Julgran", in Swedish), in blue and white, silver. A great moment shared in family!

Thank you , dear Lily for your letter I received this week; I 'll keep your painting as a bookmark! Christmas before time!


  1. Oh I do adore your beautiful Advent Calendar! And I also love the idea of exploring a different culture's Christmas traditions. It will really open the eyes of children!

    Lovely blog...

  2. I hope so Melissa ! This calendar was a true adventure indeed ! I'm glad you like it !