Thursday, 5 July 2012

A little break

I did not have  a lot of time these last days for painting  or creating.....and now the bell rings for summer holidays! Tomorrow we will take the ferry in Roscoff (in Britanny) for reaching the town of Cork (Ireland) on Saturday morning. The whole of us feel very excited by this trip ! Then we will come back to Britanny and stay there for one more week with our family. We will be back in Savoie on the 22th July.
Have a good time until then....


  1. Thank you Lily, I did not take time to thank you for your cards from Jersey: it is always a real joy to receive them ! thank you....I have taken your address with my luggages !

  2. Enjoy your vacation Sabine! Hope you're taking lots of pictures so you can share with us! I am sure the places you're visiting are amazing!