Tuesday, 24 July 2012

June Reading

Two books for this month of June: "Fablehaven" and "Rebecca".

 I had already noticed this book a few months ago, but not for me but for my 14 years old nephew. And as I thought it would be wiser to read it before suggesting it to him, I dived eagerly into its story! To be exact I must add that I also read the 2nd part....and that I am waiting with great patience to get the 3rd...

The story: a girl and her younger brother enter into a parallel world they totally ignored before . A world of magic with fantastic characters such as witches, fairies, etc, in which they have a role to play...

 For the 8th time I read with great pleasure this book. My grand mother offered it to me when I was a teenager, and this book made me hope that even if I didn't like what I was, someone would recognize my interior beauty and give me his love. This book is infinately precious for me. And in the meantime I discovered the author and her other novels.

This charming bookmark was especially made by my sweet daughter, Arwenn, just for me. So it is obvious to associate a precious bookmarkt with a precious book!

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