Monday, 11 June 2012

Bird Stamp

Today I have tried to make a bird stamp. And for this occasion I chose as subject the kingfisher.
This suite of pictures will expose you the different steps of the making:

 In a first time, the choice of the subject

 then I reproduced a first attempt on the paper, then I adapted it  with the right frame

next, I tranferred it on a  transparent paper

and I applied it on the rubber stamp

I used this tool to carve it to prepare the stamp

I  coloured the stamp with inks and put it on  paper!

I think that next time I will try to make one smaller....and be more careful ( I cut my fingers two times...!). Precision and simplicity  in the subject are very important to manage this type of work.


  1. It is addictive - be careful. ;-)

  2. Very nice! I had never tried to make stamps! to be your first attempt it looks great!