Wednesday, 2 May 2012

For Corentin

Today, my nephew will celebrate his fourteenth birthday, and I wanted to offer him something especially done for him. I have seen months ago a a great idea ( and surely with clearer explanations) from Arounna (look at her blog: Bookhou at home):  a painting based on a picture.

I show you the different steps of the process:

 The original picture I have worked on Kodak easy share logicial

 A sheet of paper cut proportinally with the printed paper from above.

I prepare a square pattern on each paper

I sketch the lines of the printed paper
  Then I paint with black acrylic painting the same lines than te ones on the printed paper

When I observe this final painting, I see the right claw too low and the right eye looking in the wrong direction... but I must admit that it is funny to make I hope it will please him....

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