Friday, 20 April 2012

April Reading and....Surprise !

I have four books to present you today: three novels and a comic book.

let's begin with the comic book, a French one, inspired from Arthur conan Doyle's work: "Les quatre de Bakerstreet: Le rossignol de Stepney", by DJIAN-ETIEN-LEGRAND. The  adventures of three children and one cat in the Victorian period of Sherlock Holmes.This one is the third book, I will certainly do my best to find the others! I like the drawings and the period. And Sherlock has a special place in my heart!!

Two detective novels: " Death in the Devil's Acre" ("Mort à devil's Acre") by Anne Perry, and "Cyanure", by the Swedish Camilla Läckberg. I have discovered the latter a few months ago but for the first time I "read" one of her books: I had only listened to her stories before. These two books have not deceived me but they are not my favourite ones.

I end the list with "The Memory Stones ", by Kate O'Riordan, who I have already mentioned in a post earlier. She has managed again to catch my interest during all the reading. I must confess that I have borrowed  another novel from her the last time we went to the library....

...a Tea Time bookmark... the last one of this series :

And a new precious mail from Lily.

 Dear Silke, I always feel like a young child with each of your surprises! thank You, you're so generous with me !

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