Friday, 2 March 2012

A glimpse on the tiny world

My mind is turning to the Green colour those days, surely because the weather sounds like Spring. A book about insects, not only butterflies, revealed me the beauty of those little creatures.... So to embellish  a black box, I try to reproduce the "Chrysope de Lacroix" :

It is tiniest and the colours are more pale in nature...just an attempt...

have a nice first March's week end  !


  1. Oh, it got so beautiful! How did you manage to paint the wings so delicate! soon spring will come and the temperates will be nicer.

    1. just white watercolour and black micron pen....

  2. Divine! Small drawings are always so beautiful, especially on this black box. Well done, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice Sabine! I really like the details on the wings! Congratulations!

  4. Hello Sabine! I miss your creative posts! Hope you're doing well!