Monday, 20 February 2012

Story of a Blanket wool, of course!

It began with the buying of a wonderful book presenting a HUGE quantity of knitting points at least one year ago... And one year later....the idea comes to use it to perfect my knitting knowledge by confectioning a blanket made with the association of woolen squares (each square made with one point).

So the first square with the point called: "Vent de Sable" or "Wind of Sand" :

A long project!! Will I ever manage to finish this blanket? Only Time will tell us .....


  1. Oh what a marvelous project! The "Wind of Sand" pattern is gorgeous. I'll be looking in to see how your project progresses!

  2. I love the colour and the structure! Like wind going over a sea-surface.

    1. The colour is more beautiful in reality yet ! you're right with the image, for my part it make me think to the designs on the sand hills of a desert...