Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reading in February

This is the book I am reading: "Dorchester Terrace", by Anne PERRY. I really like her books and this one is the lattest published. It belongs to a series of detective stories taking place during the Victorian period in England. The main characters : Pitt, a policeman and his wife Charlotte, who belonged before their wedding to an aristocratic family, make us discover the historical background of this period, the gap between the working class and the elite, and allow us more particularly to enter in the closed world  of the latter. I  am always eager, even today after reading not all but many of these books, to know how their social, sentimental and professional situations will evoluate.

What a funny card you send me LILY: this egg with its hat  is lovely! I will keep this card as a bookmarker, maybe for this book, why not !! THANK YOU !!!!!

Now, it is time to rejoin a cosy place for following the adventures of M. Thomas Pitt and his dear Charlotte.... Have a nice evening.


  1. We definitely share the same taste in reading! It sounds really interesting... I'll look for it here!

  2. Oooh this sounds GREAT! I'm hooked by any character named's what we named our daughter, who is only one. Her name was inspired but elegant characters in just such fiction, which I devoured in my university days...thanks for sharing!