Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I found this little bird, with delicate colours, perfect for the second month of this year!

His French name is: "Chardonneret élégant", in German "Stieglitz", and in English: "Goldfinch".
I based this painting on THIS PICTURE, look at the third bird. It is a pity that the angle does not permit to see the beautiful yellow-balck-white wings.

Welcome on this blog Melissa ! I am pleased you like my bag. 

What I appreciate so in doing this blog is that I can "meet" ,communicate and share my little Things with people from different horizons in the wide world : United States, Germany, Brittany and now Canada! I am very enthousiastic with that and very grateful for the interest you accord to me!


  1. Beautiful! Have you seen him in real, too?

    1. I believe "yes", but not sure in fact...