Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Reading

This morning I ended with regret the reading of  a series of books dealing with the feodal Japan. It is written by Lian Hearn. It was called "the Tales of the Otori", and it dived me into a world obeying to links, behaviours, codes, way of thinking through the fates of a handful of characters, men and women, so far from the one I am used to. It really enjoy each hour I spent in this world, and as I mentioned it at the beginning of this post, I feel a bit sad to stop this adventure. Lian Hearn was totally unknown to me three months ago, but now I am curious to read other novels from her.

This tales are made in a first part with a trilogy:
"Across the Nightingale Floor" ("Le silence du Rossignol")
"Grass for the Pillow" ("Les Neiges de l'Exil")
"Brilliance of the Moon" ("La Clarté de la Lune")

 Then the foirth part sounds like the end of the story: "The harsh Cry of the Heron" ("Le Vol du Héron")

And finally the fifth part reveals the beginning: "Heaven 's Net is wide" ("Le Fil du Destin")

(if you observe the picture above, you will see a new "tea Time" bookmark...)                                                           

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