Friday, 17 February 2012

February reading & Tea Time Bookmarks

Yesterday, I finished the reading of this book:

... the story of two children during the WW2,. The boy had been placed in a farm far from Paris in order to be protected from the nazi craziness (he belonged to a Jew family), and the girl suffered from great difficulties to communicate with the others. This book turns around their relation, the way of living during this specific period in the countryside. As reader we encounter a wide range of feelings: love, fear, hope, dispair.... It is not a long book: I read it in three evenings, certainly because I wanted to know the issue for these two young children...
I like this author: Christian Signol, and I read with eagerness each of his books: they touch me deeply., they are testimonies of History and of his own family history too.

Besides, I draw a series of bookmarks around the theme of "Tea Time": when reading I have often a cup of tea in the hand.... This is one of them, you will see the others with latest books!


  1. It sounds very interesting! I had been looking on line and it seems they only have the french version of "Les chemines d'etoiles" and all the other books of this author as well... and my french is beyond basic :(
    Keep posting about the books you read! I really enjoy it!
    I am looking forward to see more of your pretty bookmarks!

  2. Love the design of the bookmark: the beauty of simplicity! It is inspiring to me and as I read a lot, I will start a little project too :)