Tuesday, 28 February 2012


sewing was at the program today! I have borrowed  this book at the library a few weeks ago:

...and in it I 've found these little curiosities:

These little cushions in form of "Berlingots" (delicious sweets!) were the subjects of my attention and I tried to confectionate some. I began with small Berlingots with a little bell inside, then with a bigger one (with cotton) and others with some lavender I kept since last summer. I actually prefer the last ones , like my children who asked me to give one for their own use (in order to put them under their pillow, as I do too) as soon as they noticed them!

 Arwenn, my daughter, chose the two blue Berlingots, and Kaelig, my son, the white big one on the right of the picture.

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  1. They look beautiful! And lavender is so good to smell. :-)