Thursday, 5 January 2012

Snowy Day & Wooly Hat

Nothing announced this morning the arrival of Snow...but it fell during hours yet ! and now the rain replaces it and snow became water again...story of a natural circle.

Inside our little house I went on knitting and knitting, not very far from the stove...alone this time: my husband at work, children at school and the cat walking under snowflakes.

Yesterday I began a new wool hat for me, and finally it became Arwenn's hat because I underestimated the size.....! no matter, she was happy with it and she calls it: her " City Hat " ( son " Bonnet de ville").

And she is all the more happpy beacuse I have knitted another one just for her at the beginning of the week! She distinguished it from her City Hat by calling it her "Snowy hat" (son "Bonnet de neige) !!!

The conclusion is that I need to knit more if i want MY Wool Hat !!


  1. Your story made me smile. I was reminded of my school days - I knitted a woolen jacked for my sister and it went so big it fitted my aunt. I had to knit again.... :-)

  2. She looks so cute and happy! and warm! I would love to know how to knit hats! Congratulations Sabine!