Monday, 9 January 2012

Royal Family

The Sixth of January  we ate the  "Galette des Rois", and then we had a new King and a new Queen in place in our little house!

And for this traditional occasion, we made special crowns:

-the King's crown, decorated by my son :

- the Queen's crown, ornamented by my daughter:

I found the models on a Phildar's knitting catalogue:

And now, I have the great honour to present you the King and the Queen of this year:


  1. Beautiful idea! Is it a special tradition?

  2. "Dreikonigsfest" in Germany may correspond to this tradition in France. Here we celebrate "Epiphany" ("Epiphanie" in french) by eating a special cake( "galette des rois"). In this cake id hidden a "charm" (not sure...)("fève"), and the one who finds it is crowned King or Queen and can choose his/her Queen/King. In fact we eat a lot of galettes during January!!!

  3. I really like the shapes of both crowns! Your kids look so cute!