Monday, 30 January 2012


These last days I had in mind to sew linen bags. So today I have two new bags: they are quite simple but I will improve them with the time...This one is the smallest and I will use it every day. I hope it will be more solid than the previous one....

For the other one, be patient till tomorrow....


  1. I looks beautiful! What was your problem with the previous one? And I am never patient, I hate to wait. ;-)

    1. I am not very experimented in sewing, and as I have difficulty to understand all the subtilities of the sewing machine my mother gave to me, the inside linen of the bag is no more part of the bag... but i won't give up !!!

  2. Please mail me your ad and I will send you a card:

    And a good tutorial for another sort of bag:
    It is so easy and addictive I mostly make bags like this. :-)

  3. Beautiful Sabine! love the color! I think I'll start doing some sewing as well!