Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tinsel and Snow

This afternoon, the snow made a brief appearance....it was a great joy for me and the children! and now we can say December has put his winter dress on at last !

Today I made the window tinsel: simple, not spectacular but respecting the two colours we chose for this Christmas: white and red:

  Maybe we will add other details later during the month.
The red bowls were made with the help of my children: we draw the form and designs inside, before cutting them and gluing on the window: it was quite simple and it is nice from outside!

Here is the sixth house of the Advent Calendar, the one of the "Tanner":

Lily, thank you for your comments! I am preparing the tutorial you asked me about the mill in pop up! I will put it on the blog before the end of the week !

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  1. Hello Sabine! the window decorations are very beautiful! and how special for your children to help!
    Do you have an e-mail address? Do you mind sending it to mine? (enimida@gmail.com)
    Thank you! have a great day! Daniela