Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pop-Up Mill's Tutorial

This is the Tutorial you asked me LILY, , I hope you will be satisfied by it !

What You need:
- a rule
- a pencil
- a square
-sheets of paper (around 160 g); the quality of the paper is important, mine was too thick
- one  precision cutter
- a board to cut on

First, You have to reproduce this drawing on the paper.
You have to know that the central dotted line  corresponds to the main fold of the paper.
Next, you have to cut  ONLY the plain lines with the cutter: indeed, the other dotted lined have to be folded and not cut.
Then you can use a round wool needle to  pass on the dotted lines: it will help to fold properly the paper where you want.

The small cross indicates the place where you 'll put the wings with the help of a split pin ("attache parisienne")

Then with another sheet of paper ( I used one coloured) reproduce the drawing of the wings:

and cut what needed to be.

Finally, join the wings with the rest of the Mill.

Now it's your turn to try it! Patience, precision and concentration are requested, but the result is really gratifying!

In a bookshop, I have seen a book called  "Architecture en pop-up" by Maurice Mathon, look HERE , in which you can find monuments in pop-up to realise and have fun for hours...


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