Friday, 30 December 2011

Poetry, Snow and Study

Back from our dear Britanny where we spent great moments with our family, the mood of these days is to enjoy the rest of the holidays with the Children and to prepare the end of the year as well as the beginning of the new! Thank you Daniela and Lily for your nice thoughts.

Big Surprise this morning: our little garden had disappeared under a white and thick cover.
This reminded me the poem I read a few days ago, from Kenneth White, in "Terre de Diamant":

A snowy Morning in Montréal                                Matin de neige à Montréal                                 

Some poems have no title                                       Certains poèmes n'ont pas de titre
this title has no poem                                               ce titre n'a pas de poème

it's all out there.                                                       tout est là dehors.

I decided to attempt to improve my drawing by reproducing in my Moleskine Book ( at least I will try !) some works which fascinate me. And the first of this series is this beautiful  ONE. As I already mentioned it, I am a great admirerer of Geninne. And I have learnt a lot just by observing her paintings. And there is the result of my study:

 So my own critics are: I need to improve the background to render it more fluid, and find a more ideal stool for the  white ink better than my tiny paintbrush (number 0). I must obviously be more meticulous with the details too.
Of course, Your opinions are welcome, don't hesitate to communicate them to me: the aim is to improve....

(I hope you won't be angry against me, Geninne, if you ever look at this blog....)

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  1. Welcome back Sabine! It's good to know you had a good time in Britanny (I'd never been there, but I know that it is a gorgeous city!)
    About your drawings, I think they're beautiful! To be honest, for me, the background it is one of the parts of your style that I like the most!