Monday, 19 December 2011

New landscape

Saturday and Sunday were snowy days! Even if I was at work , it was such a pleasure to look snowflakes falling through the windows! It was always as if someone push on  the button "OFF"....

So, three new houses to show:
- Saturday was the Hawker's ( "Colporteur") house:

- Sunday, the Coalminer's ("Mineur") one:

This house looks quite similar to our own house, but a bit higher.

- And Today, on Monday, My son Kaelig drew and painted the Stonemason's ("Tailleur de pierre") one:

Last sunday, I stayed at Home with my two children, who were not at their school because of a teachers' strike. And we spent a couple of hours during the afternoon making pop-up Christmas cards:

-Mine :

-My daughter's card:

-and my son's:

They already know to whom they will offer them!


  1. the Coalminer's is my favourite :)
    I love your window's view with all the little houses together ♥

  2. I agree! I love the decorations next to your window and especially with the snow outside... the Christmas cards made by your kids look beautiful! yours too :)