Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Late at night

Each year I prepare during the month of December this cake:

It is called " Couronne suédoise", and it is so delicious. Inside you can see almonds, crystallized fruits and raisins. Unfortunately our children don't appreciate it....but the less they want the more we eat!!!

The house of the day is the Magnanarelle's ( the same in French) one:
(this person raised silkworms, especially known in the part of france named Provence. To be honest, this word was totally unknown to me until a few days!)

Tomorrow, we"ll travel to Britanny to met our family for Christmas. So We won't be at home before one long week. That's why I will try to finish the Advent calendar tomorrow to expose it entirely before our departure. But now  I must go to sleep, it's very late  and so many things to do wait for me .....
Good night to You...

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  1. YUM! your cake looks delicious! and love the Santa, deer and trees on top!
    Can't wait to see your Advent calender finish!