Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Advent Calendar Project

Today I am very happy to be able ( at last !) to present You the Advent Calendar in totality.

But before it remains four houses to discover and I finished them only this morning:

- for the 21th: the Coachman's house:

- for the 22th, the Grocer's house:

- for the 23th, the Corset-maker's house :

- and the last one, for the 24th, the bell-ringer's house:

This advent calendar was very fun to make and quite long too, but I did it for my children and they like it: so it is a real success for me ! Thank You for your sweet messages all along this month...

As promised here are the pictures of our Christmas Village:

Well, it is time to wish You a wonderful Christmas !
We will be back from Britanny in one week....

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