Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Automnal Concerns

After  a long pause, temperatures begin to change slowly. And I need new socks to feel warm and cosy even in the deep Cold. So here is my new pair of socks, red and brown, automnal colours (In fact only one sock, because the other one is not finished....)

Now I need to concentrate my attention on Advent Calendar ("calendrier de l'Avent"). The aim is to offer it to my children as a full surprise for the 1rst of December. It will consist this year in a special village: each house presents an old craft, or profession (I am not sure to be clear), for instance: the first one is the house of the edge-tool maker, etc. I expect to give them new knowledges and fun in the meantime....And I hope to be able to light a candle inside each house by night : they will settle magic during the period before Christmas. (your own project brings me this inspiration, Daniela, thank You for that )

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  1. Dear Sabine... the inspiration is mutual... Thank you very much! I love the Christmas surprise you're planning for your kids! For sure it will be a beautiful and fun experience! :)