Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tea Box & Fish

Maybe it's the come back of heat that pushes me to paint this little fish this afternoon...Summer has not given up ! 

I feel always regretful to wash this plate which plays the role of palette...

For her class table, Arwenn asked me a pot in order to range pens. And as I prefer to made by myself this kind of things than  going to a supermarket , I just took an old tea box and glued a nice paper on it with a special detail which would pleased her....

Finally, I show You the next letter of the Alphabet painting:  the letter "C" for "Campagnol" ( "vole" in English):

The Moon is the new Queen in the Sky; the day was long , and I can hear the call of Lady Night..... 


  1. Love these paintings! You are really talented

  2. hello Lily, I'm pleased to meet you !