Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Summer and Jams

Last Sunday we went for a walk in the mountains above our village, and we had the chance to find raspberries on our way....a chance because I know now that I will be able to sample rasberry jam during the cold days. It's the one I prefer with the one with rhubarb and orange! and one reason must be that the rasberry jam is connected with my beloved grandmother...

These four pots contain : so, one raspberries, two of them a mixture of apple and melon, and another apple, vanilla, peach and rhubarb.

To decorate the pots I chose a common theme around the colous of Summer...


  1. What a lovely way to decorate your homemade jams. Did you glue it on? We have a little orchard in our yard so I make a lot of jams myself. Next time I'll try this decoration. It really looks great!!

  2. Thank You Iferia! you guess right: I glued them on the pot....it's not difficult at all, just let your inspiration of the moment guide you for the decoration...

  3. i am into making jam lately too- love your jar decorations : )